Sunless Tanning

_ Sunless Guidelines _

  1. When properly maintained, Sunless tan last 5 – 7 days.
  2. In accordance with NJ State Law No One under the age of 14 may use sunless tanning. Any client 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian on their first visit.
  3. Custom airbrushing is not an exact science, you must call and come in to the salon with in the first 24hrs so the Airbrush Artist can fix any discoloration or imperfections.
  4. Any one who has had a recent surgical procedure should speak with their physician prior to the airbrush session.
  5. Please continue to read our care & instruction information.


_Before Your Airbrush Session_

** At Least 48 Hours Prior To Your Scheduled Session **

  1. Shave all areas you normally shave, and or wax.
  2. Exfoliate your body and face with an exfoliation wash. (Clean & balance skin tones tan best)

** Day OF Your Scheduled Session **

  1. DO NOT use any body lotions/creams, deodorant, Make up, or perfumes.
  2. DO NOT shave the day of your session to avoid spotting.
  3. DO NOT wax any areas of your body including your face with-in 24-36 hours of your session. (Best done 48hrs prior)
  4. DO NOT wear socks (Flip Flops are best)
  5. DO wear dark loose fitting clothing. – Cotton Clothing is optimal (DHA Bronzer can stain; it will wash out or most cotton clothing.

**PLEASE bring with you what ever you feel comfortable being sprayed in** Any type of bottoms are allowed! (All customer’s must keep bottoms on during airbrush session)

*** if it rains; wear a loose long sleeve shirt or hoodie, sweat pants & sneakers & bring an umbrella! ***


_After Tan Maintenance_

** At Least 6-8 Hours After your Session **

  • Avoid touching any tanned areas until after you have taken your 1st shower –


1st Shower → The first shower is very important to the longevity of your tan. Wait at least 6 to 8 hours before showering. Shower should be done using a quick rinse with lukewarm water ONLY to remove any excess solution.

  • DO NOT Scrub, Simply PAT your self dry DO NOT rub skin dry!
  • WE RECOMMEND not to take a bath for the first 24 hours after your session.
  • WE RECOMMEND that you DO NOT engage in activities that may cause you to sweat for the first 24 hours.



To Lengthen the life of your tan:

Do not exfoliated your skin for at least 7days after tanning

Hydrating you skin daily to maintain your tan!

→ Most drug store body lotion contain agents that will fade & strip your color faster

→ ask about specially formulated body wash, lotion and after care NORVELL/Mystic products we carry to extend the life of your tan!


Please Call and book Your Appointment today!!!

Clifton – Custom Airbrushing 973-890-1110

Ledgewood – Mystic Spray Booth No Appointment Needed!


Membership Details:

At California Tanning, We offer a variety of pricing options to best suite our customer’s needs. Our most popular choice is our EFT Express Pass. This is our best value and a perfect choice for the client who will utilize our services for all or most of the year.

  • In each Salon we offer different levels of our Express Pass.
  • There is a one time sign up FEE. ( Ask Sales Associate how this sign up Fee can be waived!)
  • There is no contract. You Can Cancel your membership with us AT any time. (Please ask about cancellation policy upon signing up)
  • The choice of freezing your account once per calendar year for up to 3 months for only ($10).
  • Receive 10% off all bottles of lotion purchased while being an Express Pass Member!
  • 50% Off Add On Packages for higher Level beds!
  • 50% Off single session upgrades into higher level beds!
  • Text & Email Specials ONLY for Express Pass Members through out the year!

We also offer single sessions & package deals, these tend to be slightly more expensive, but give our clients the flexibility they desire in the use of their sessions.

Pricing may vary by location, due to different equipment in every salon.